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Yo Voy
Hola es pero que les guste el reggaeton y ojala esta canción...

Am                   F                       Am
Ella hace todo por sedurcirme y yo voy voy voy
                         F       G           Am
Haciendo lo que ella me pide y yo voy voy voy
                            F                   Am
Porque fue la que siempre quize y yo voy voy voy
                             F         G
Si estoy con ella no es un crimen y yo voy voy voy

(Se repite dos veces)
¡Que Que Que!
Que nadie me la vele

Por ahi es que estamos huele
eso ya tiene dueño no haga que yo me revele
ella nada le duele

Ella bien rico huele
F                  G
Dame esa semilla para que el cafe se cuele (2 Veces)
Vamono' a la disco

vamo' alla vamo' alla
Si esto te motiva voy pa' ya voy pa' ya
No es un crimen darte hasta el suelo
  F                     G
es que esta noche es.... hasta que se rompa el cuero
Motivando toal la yal toal la yal
Presiento que en la disco va estallar va estallar
Sandungueando todos pa'l suelo
F                     G
Es que esta noche es... hasta que se rompa el cuero

(Coro).... ( 2 Veces)

Quien como ella cuando entra en calor
Ella me cura cuando estoy enfermo de amor
miles probo pero ninguna en su sabor
F                   G
me encanta tu color bañada en sudor ( 2 veces)
Am                            F
Tu figura rompe todos los esquemas
descontrola todo mi sistema
Dandole hasta abajo tu eres candela
           G                     Am
Quiero sacudirte la arena ahi nena
Motivando toal la yal toa la yal
Presiento que en la disco va estallar va estallar
Sandungueando todos pal suelo
F                      G
Es que esta noche es....hasta que se rompa el cuero

( repite coro dos veces)......
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About the artist behind Yo Voy:

Ramón (Raymond) Ayala (born February 3, 1977), known artistically as Daddy Yankee, is a Latin Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican reggaeton recording artist. Ayala was born in Río Piedras the largest district of San Juan, where he became interested in music at a young age. In his youth he was interested in baseball, and aspired to become a Major League Baseball player. He was unable to continue this sport when he received an injury to one of his legs, leaving him unable to walk correctly. He then became involved in the underground rap movement that was in its early stages in Puerto Rico, later to be called Reggaeton. After receiving lessons from several artists within the genre, he developed an independent career, first recording in a production titled Playero 37. After this he began to produce independent albums. His first solo album was No Mercy. He subsequently formed a duo with Nicky Jam, and then continued his solo career with the releases of El Cartel and El Cartel II. This led him be one of many pioneers of the reggaeton genre.

In 2002 El became Ayala's first album with international success, receiving coverage in the markets of New York and Miami. Barrio Fino was released in 2004, and the album received numerous awards, including a Premio Lo Nuestro and a Latin Billboard, as well as receiving nominations for the Latin Grammy and MTV Video Music Awards. Barrio Fino performed well in the sales charts of the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Japan. On June 5, 2007, El Cartel Records released El Cartel: The Big Boss, which was ranked as the top-selling album in Latin music genres in 2007. He promoted the album with an international tour which began in the United States and continued through Latin America, breaking attendance records in Ecuador and Bolivia. His performances have appeared on more than 70 albums, including compilations such as Mas Flow 2 and Blin Blin Vol. 1.

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