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Nothin But Real
Nothing But Real - DATA [ante portas]

Chords by Jack Milk's

Suddenly this time goes by so fast
Am                     Dm
Wondering what will forever last
H            Dm             C
Turnabouts today make yesterday... slow

Trodden-down like my own favourite shoes
Am                     Dm
Luck will raise with a bottle of booze
H                Dm              C
Tired of feeling nothin'. Incognito.

Cm       H         F                      Cm
But it's all in my mind and I feel it's a lot
         H         F
But it's all in my mind and I feel...

Gm                Cm
Nothin' but real - Nothin' to feel
          F                   H    
All about seekin' fictitious ideals
        Am          Gm                      Cm
It's all that we've got - this now and this here
               F                  H
Someone should miss me wen I disappear
      Am            Gm
It's nothin' but real...

Scared a lot of being merciless
Realize how fast my time gets less
Sick and tired of disentangling my thoughts

Probably I'm the one who's right
Funny how people's appetite
For setting me right still makes them feel alright

People may say it's all for your best and that's nice
But it's still in my mind and I feel...


... Nothin' to feel
All about seekin' ficticious ideals
It's all that we've got - this now and this here
Someone should miss me when I disappear
It's nothin' but real...

Na, na, na, na...

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Nothin But Real Chords

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