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Wassup people. This is the name of my band D.O.A. We're so proud of it and I feel like
I should tell some people and learn our songs. I'm gonna start with a basic one of ours
though. It's hard to write good songs in the drenching heat of California but ah well,
we'll give it a try. Another reason why I'm puttin this out is so that noone can patent
our songs or too bad!

Basically for the first guitar its this part over and over again. The second
is coming soon, we just didnt tab it yet.sorry, but its coming soon
D.O.A. - End :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
End tabs @ 911Tabs
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Quick tip, so you can enjoy End even more:

If you don't really know how to deal with "Absus4" chord and his equally confusing brothers, just put the mouse cursor over them and you will be shown a helpful chord diagram.

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