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Goodbye Cruel World
Calibretto 13 - Goodbye Cruel World
Album: Enter the Danger Brigade
Thomas Lipscomb([email protected])

Old Man Thorn, he was good,
He was just misunderstood.
He never took nobody's life,
So how come his ended in strife?
They came in one gloomy night,
Came with the darkness, stole the light.
They took him out back and bashed his head.
One month later he was found dead.
G        A           Bm
Is there anybody out there?
G        A       F#m
Is there anybody listening?
G            A                  Bm
If there's a God, oh, could You hear Him?
Was he screaming out in vain?
Did You even know his name?

Julie was a sweet little girl,
Said a prayer before every meal.
So how come Father was so bad?
She couldn't even call him Dad.
He made her live her life in pain,
Took her trust, made her insane.
Where were You when he broke her down?
Did You even hear a sound?

Gm                 F#m
Life is short, and life is gray.
Gm                   F#m
What am I living for anyway?
Gm           F#m
Consequences I must pay
Gm                F#m
If I don't get it right today.
Gm                      F#m
The world just seems so unfair.
Gm                    F#m
We are living in the monster's lair.
Gm                    F#m
I need to know You're on the throne.
Gm                   F#m     Am Gm F#m 
I wonder when You'll take us home.
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About the artist behind Goodbye Cruel World:

Calibretto 13 (later, simply Calibretto) was an acoustic punk band from Kokomo, Indiana, United States. The acoustic punk style of the band and the peculiar vocal style of singer Joe Whiteford gives the band their signature sound. Another signature mark of the band is themes in their lyrics, which often are about B-movies and problems in pop culture and Christianity. The band also incorporates a bit of influence from folk music.

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