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Red Slash
D A#

A#                          D   
Look in my eyes let's sing along
A#                         D
This is the last time we belong
A#                              D
Don't turn our back don't walk away
A#                D
The criminal is insane

In the middle of the night
Wandering hands
    A           A#
Red Slash come alive
        D          A
Just to taste it

In a dark red room
All through and through
     A          A#
Dead steel terrorize
        D                   A
In your body and your mind

A# A

             D        A
Yeah, in the darkness
Whoa, you will find me
 A       D
Alone, alone

D                           A#
As the blood runs down your face
  D            A#
A doorway into pain
      D                   A#
Dirty rats on the wall of death
     D                      A#
Hell surrounds you, in nightmares

D A# A

          A#      C
Well, I'm feeling fine
    D              C
Ringleader of dark hours
         D      C
And your lonely life
Going down
        A#              C
And you know you are so sweet
       D              C
To the terrors of the street
There's nowhere to go
There's nowhere to go
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