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Khayalan Tingkat Itnggi Chords - Peterpan

Khayalan Tingkat Itnggi Chords
Artist     : Peterpan
Song title : Khayalan tingkat tinggi
Album      : Bintang di surga
Tabbed by  : La BoOsT ([email protected])

Aadd9 002200
Am    002210
Asus  000230
G     320033
C     032010

INTRO: Aadd9 Am Asus G 

        Aadd9               Asus
Awal ku melihat kuyakin ini bukanlah yg biasa
  Aadd9                    Asus
Mengagumkan melemahkan aku melihat tatap matanya

Aadd9 Am Asus G

        Aadd9                 Asus
Garis tawanya waktu berhenti apabila ku memandangnya
  Aadd9                    Asus            G
Mengagumkan melemahkan aku melihat tatap matanya

*Khayalan ini setinggi tingginya
Seindah indahnya 
          Asus       Aadd9
Tempatku memikirkannya
Bila kudapat kusimpan wajahnya
Memegang indahnya
      Asus    Aadd9
Atau memilikinya

Yang ku nanti
Saat memegang tangannya
Sampai nanti
               Asus   G   
Tetap memegang tangannya

BRIDGE: Asus C Asus Aadd9 

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This is a very cool song by peterpan (an indonesian band). these chords are the real
one. except for G chord. i dont know what chord should i use.
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About the artist behind Khayalan Tingkat Itnggi Chords:

Peterpan is a multi-award winning Indonesian pop rock band currently consisting of Ariel, Andika, Loekman and Reza. They are well known for their simple lyrics and catchy beats and also Ariel's voice[1]

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