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                           Tabbed by Pham Hong Y
                           [email protected]
This is a good song with the marvellous chords!?! Try it

Intro: Em  G  D  C
       Em  G  D  C

Em                         G
You know I´m gonna make a try
I never wanna let it die

But this ain´t right
Don’t justify

Em                         G    
You " you`re everything I need
But sometimes we just disagree
And this is my way to proceed

G                              D
Silence cannot breathe on your side
But emptiness is my wound
´Cuz I´m in pain why can´t you see I´m down
Am           C           D
Being the one just around

G                          D
I´ll stay away ´till it`s over
´Cuz you need to realize
It´s time for me to go
       G                      D
Please stay away ´till it`s over
And I will clear my thoughts again
Crazy or blind
I´ll stay away ´till it`s gone

Em  D  C  D (2x)

(the same chord as verse 1)
You " you`re everything I want
The reason why I wrote this song
I´ll be back when words are gone

If silence can`t survive on your side
Then loneliness is my pride
When I´m in pain why can`t you see I´m down
Being the one just around

I´ll stay…………..

You have to understand
It`s only for a while
You have to understand
This is just my style
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About the artist behind Stay:

C21 was a Danish boy band consisting of three key members: Søren Bregendal (vocals, lyricist, producer and keyboards), Esben Duus (vocals, lyricist and guitar), and David Pepke (vocals, lyricist, guitar).

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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