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Dancing Witches
                        DANCING WITCHES - Baby Universal

Tuning: EADGHe



Bb    G5     D5   Ebmaj7  F6    G5/D   Ebmaj7     F6*    Gsus2   Eb/Bb


Bb           G5             D5            Ebmaj7
where`re you dancing witches
Bb            G5          D5            Ebmaj7
met a man who told me that
Bb           G5            D5            Ebmaj7
you`re down with the fishes,now 
       Bb     G         D5            Ebmaj7  
here I am and sit and beg

give me pain and give me mercy
I am hungry I am thirsty
I`m here with the other folks who
make love in the ruin of this town

Bb    G5        D5             Ebmaj7
Do-Do-Do-Do-Doo   where`re you dancing witches   (3x)
Bb    G5        D5      Ebmaj7
Do-Do-Do-Do-Doo    yeah-yeah-yeah

Bb           G5             D5        Ebmaj7
where`re you dancing witches
       Bb        G5        D5        Ebmaj7
met a girl with eyes like stars
Bb    G5               D5            Ebmaj7
and a tale she told me, now
     Bb       G5     D5            Ebmaj7
I am left out in the dark

give me pain and give me mercy....

where`re you dancing witches....

F6*           G5
slide, slide, slide
    Gsus2               F6*     G5
now won`t you break the spell tonight
    Gsus2          F6*  G5
all changes in the neonlight
         Gsus2          F9*  Eb/Bb
all that changes in the neon twilight tonight

- move over -

where`re you dancing witches...

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