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Ashegham Man
                             Ashegham - Babak Amini Cover
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Dm                          A7
Ashegham man, asheghi bighararam
Kas nadaram, khabari az dele zaram
Arezoi, joz to,sar nadaram

Dm            Gm
Man, be labkhandi
Az to khorsandah

Dm            Gm
Mehre to, ey mah

Arezo man dah

Dm              A7
Bar to, pai bandan

Dm             A7
Az to vafa khahad

Dm              A7
Marze khoda, khahad

Gm                 A7  
Ta berahad ba zaj,jan

Dm               A7
Ta be to peivastam

Dm             A7
Az hame bogzastam

Gm                 A7
Ba to fadasazam, djan
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Ashegham Man Chords

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