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Old Fashioned Love
Old Fashioned Love - BJ Thomas
Written by L. Anderson

     D            A
We live in the modern age
       F#m                   Bm
Where love is fast like a turning page
      Em               D
In a magazine, we've hardly seen
     D          A
The friends we used to know
      F#m             Bm
They disappear, they come and go
Like the times we've had
It's kind of sad...

Bm                   Em
Whatever happened to old fashioned love
     A                       D
The kind that would see you through
     G                    C               Em  A
The kind of love that my Momma and Daddy knew
       Bm                  Em
Yeah, whatever happened to old fashioned love
     A                                D
The kind that would last through the years
Through the trials
Through the smiles
             Em   A
Through the tears

Verse 2:
D         A
Today is all we've planned
   F#m                  Bm
We say tomorrow we'll understand
If it all should end
We'd be alone again


Ohh, Chorus

Verse 3:
     D       A
For now the tenderness
Has been replaced
With something less
And it's hard to find
What we left behind

Ohh, Chorus
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