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Bring Back The Time
Bring Back The Time:B.J. Thomas.
#75 on BB Hot 100 on SCEPTER Records
in 1966.


C              F     Bb            Dm
Bring back the time, when you were mine.
G             C              G
Children were laughing then, I could hear 
  C        F
a bluebird sing.

Dm                     Am
Bring back the time, I was finding you,
    Cm       F          Bb
and all your beauty and all your charms,
        C      Bb      Am    Dm
and the warmth of your arms, oh, the warmth 
of your arms.

Bb    Gm       F                   Am       Bb
Bring back the time, when you were mine and we 
     F       C      F
were walking by the shore.
        Am       Bb              C
Forever more the world was ours, sunshine, flowers, 
    F   G
and you.

C              F          Bb     Dm       G
Bring back the time, that summer day, you said 
you'd marry me.
G              C                    F
Now, I cry but can't you see, these teardrops in 
   Dm           Am
my eyes aren't just for you.
        Cm      F              Bb
They're for all we planned our whole lives through.
C                  Am  Dm           Gm
Things we'll never do, things we'll never do.

Bb    Gm       F                   Am      Bb
Bring back the time, when you were mine..I wish I 
      C              F    Gm Bb Gm F
could bring back the time.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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