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Fool On The Hill Chords
 D              G/D
Day after day, alone on a hill,
the man with the foolish grim
is keeping perfectly still.
    Em7               A
But nobody wants to know him,
          D                    Bm7
they can see that he's just a fool,
  Em7               A
a he never gives an answer.

         Dm  Gm/D    Dm
But the fool  on the hill
sees the sun going down,
and the eyes in his head
        Am/D                  D
see the world spinning round.

Well on the way, head in a cloud,
the man of a thousand voices
talking perfectly loud.
But nobody ever hears him
or the sound he appears to make,
and he never seems to notice.

But the fool on the hill...

[D  G/D] x2

And nobody seems to like him,
they can tell what he wants to do,
and he never shows his feelings.

But the fool on the hill...

[D  G/D] x2

He never listen to them,
he knows that they're the fools,
they don't like him.

The fool on the hill...

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