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Every Night Chords
 Every night I just want to go out,
get out of my head.
 Everyday I want not to get up,
get out of my place.

A      F#m             Bm
 Every night I want to play out
F#                        B A  E/G# F#m7 E
 and every day I want to do-o-- o--  o-- o.
 But tonight I just want to stay in
            F#m7 B7                  E
and be with you,   and be with you.

Inter:[E  A  E  B7] x2  (Uh, uh... Believe me, mama)

Every day I lean on a lamppost,
I'm wasting my time.
Every night I lay on a pillow
Resting my mind.

Every morning brings a new day.
Every night that day is through.
But tonight I just want to stay in
and be with you, and be with you.

End: like Inter.

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