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Monster Rock N Roll
monster rock n roll

Dead night what's the score?
I don't need this any more.
B                                    B7 
I've got a fever. I've got a fever tonight.
I'm gonna let the demons loose, 
I'm gonna break disco's noose.
G                                    B7 
I'm gonna breakdown, Breakdown the night.

(same chord progression throught this verse)
Dead, Dead that walks at night. 
Running from the light. 
Pillaging the frightened. 
Gotta call from the grave, 
gonna go out and rattle the cage, 
Cause you don't know, know what's behind this mask.

C                            Em
We play our monster rock n' roll,
raise your glasses high,
on a trip to burn your soul.

C                            Em
We play our monster rock n' roll,
raise your glasses high,
on a trip to burn your soul.

Gonna go out and beat the boards, 
cast an eyeball on some broads. 
Gonna get hedonic, feelin' catatonic tonight. 
We bite, feeding on the fright, 
here's to the night. Deadbeat disco die.

Prowl the streets, this fever's eating me 
I'm gonna party till I bleed, 
making this night free.
Shout, howling at the moon. 
Shouting down the gloom, gonna rock n' roll till I decay.


I'm gonna burn your soul. (x3) 
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About the artist behind Monster Rock N Roll:

Zombie Ghost Train is an Australian psychobilly band located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. The band formed with Stu Arkoff (guitars and vocals), Azzy T (drums) and Captain Reckless (bass and backing vocals).

In 2007, Azzy T left to pursue other musical ventures and was replaced by JM. To date, the band has released two albums, Glad Rags And Body Bags and Dealing The Death Card, as well as the EP Monster Formal Wear.

The band has toured Australia, Europe and the United States.[1] The band members, when appearing on stage, dress in "zombified" clothes, featuring tears and bloodstains. Each member has his hair in an extreme style of a quiff, teddy boy cut or pompadour. They wear zombie make up, complete with stitches across the face.[2]

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