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First Tab submitted- New at guitar! Did it by ear so pardon any errors!  
Only a beautiful song could bet me to try this!

Capo on 1st Fret

C                                F
Hey sister, the emotions have gone cold
And a part of me is missing,
   G                       C                              
Where the rivers used to flow
     C                         F
Hey mother, I know you must be sad
To see the things are happening
G                 C      
I'll fix it if I can
I'm holding up the fire
Lighting up the sky
Like a lighthouse on the ocean,
Bring you home alright
I'm holding up the fire (Holding up the fire)
Lighting up the sky (Lighting up the sky)
Like a lighthouse on the ocean,
Bring you home alright
     C                           F
Hey brother, some things never change
                   C      G                    C
Caesar's always Caesar, and night comes into day
    C                              F
Hey father, they sold you like a slave
To a world that takes everything,
G                   C   
And gives nothing away

Repeat Chorus Chords-Here Until End of Song
Ziggy Marley - Lighthouse :: indexed at Ultimate Guitar.
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About the artist behind Lighthouse:

David Nesta "Ziggy" Marley (born October 17, 1968, Trenchtown) is a Grammy-winning Jamaican musician. He is the oldest son of Rita and Bob Marley1, the legendary roots reggae singer. His mother Rita called and baptised him David, but his father Bob nicknamed him "ziggy" in reference to a marijuana cigarette.[1][2] An alternative explanation links the nickname to the David Bowie persona "Ziggy Stardust" and his eponymous 1972 album.[3]

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