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Freak Me Out
Freak Me Out
Make Believe (2005)

G  Cmaj7  x 4  w/ harmonics

G               Cmaj7
City streets at night
G               Cmaj7
Can be so intimidating
I'm not the toughest guy
  G                   Cmaj7
I gotta keep my eyes open
You came out of nowhere

G                       D
  Man you really freak me out
  I'm so afraid of you
  And when I lose my cool
  I don't know what to do
    Em/D     C             G/B
  I know you don't mean no harm
  G                 D
  You're just doing your thing
      G                       Em   Eb
  But man you really freak me out

Did I hurt you? Are you okay?
Can I buy you a drink?
What's the world coming to?
You came out of nowhere


C                              G
I'm going to try to improve my manners (manners)
F                             D
Everyone, yes everyone, is my friend

G  Cmaj7  x 2  Am  G  Cmaj7  w/ harmonica solo

G               Cmaj7
City streets at night (City streets at night)
City streets at night (City streets at night)
Til the morning light (Til the morning light)
City streets at night (City streets at night)


G               Em      Eb+
e -----------------------------------|
B ----------------------0---------0--|
G ----------0-----------------0-0----|  x 4  then  G
D ------0-----0---0---2---2-1--------|
A ----2---2-----2--------------------|
E -----------------------------------|

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About the artist behind Freak Me Out:

Weezer (IPA: /ˈwizɚ/) is a Grammy nominated American rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1992 by Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Wilson (drums, backing vocals), Matt Sharp (bass, backing vocals), and Jason Cropper (guitar, backing vocals), with the last two replaced by Mikey Welsh and Brian Bell, respectively. Mikey Welsh was later replaced with Scott Shriner.[1] They have released six full-length albums, three EPs, and a DVD; the first album was later re-released as a remastered deluxe edition in 2004. Weezer recently released their sixth album on June 3, 2008. They have sold more than 7 million records to date in the US.[2]

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