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When He Made You
                            WHEN HE MADE YOU - Walker Hayes
As played on the TLC show "19 Kids and Counting"

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Tuning: Standard, Capo on fourth fret

Verse 1

Well you grew up about 30, short minutes down the street
     G                  C          G
but we had to go 8000 miles away, to meet.
        D           C        G
I'm not sure what the lord was thinking,
         Am                      D
taking us all the way to Kathmandu.  
          G               Em
But I know he was thinking of me when he made you.
        C                      D               G

Verse 2

The letters and the phone calls were more than enough
      G             C                 G
To prove it's him, at long been writing the story of us
   D               C                         G
Had to ask for the chance to court you, when your cab came in Kathmandu
       Am                     D                    G            Em
Cus' I knew he was thinking of me when he made you.
         C                      D               G  


When he made you
it's obvious he was
      C          G
thinkin' of me, 
and that we were meant to be.
         C                 D 

Verse 3

Standin' here in our home town, where we grew up without a clue.
   G                     C                  G           
We fall in love with our next door neighbor, in Kathmandu.
    D                     C                  G
I'm amazed by the good lord's ways, and I'm praying that you think:
       Am                      D              G                Em 
he was thinkin' of you when he made me.
C                   D                G

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