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I Am For You
artist: waking ashland
song: i am for you
tabber: mattrussell
key: Eb or Cm (same thing)

intro:  Cm - G# - Bb
Tuning: Standard


verses:  Cm - G# - Bb (4x) last time go to an F    "and there's hope again"

prechorus - "dont give up":
guitar - G# - Bb - Cm - Bb    power chords
piano - Eb5 with the chord root as bass notes

chorus - "i am for you":
guitar - G# - Bb - Cm - Bb    power chords
piano - Eb5 with the chord root as bass notes

bridge: Eb - Bb - G#
instrumental: chorus chords

thats really it, its pretty simple.    questions or comments email me at [email protected]
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About the artist behind I Am For You:

Waking Ashland was a piano rock band from San Diego, California, signed to Tooth and Nail Records and Immortal Records. They formed in 2003 and released two EPs and two full-length albums. Their final lineup consisted of singer/keyboardist Jonathan Jones, guitarist Ryan Lallier, bassist Nate Harold and drummer Tim Very. The band broke up in mid 2007.

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