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The Idol
*Note: This is the acoustic version.

[Verse 1]

If I could only stand,
and stare in the mirror would I see
Am         Dsus2       Em
One fallen hero with a face like me
Em                              Dsus2
And if I scream , could anybody hear me
Am             Dsus2                   Em
If I smash the silence you'll see what fame has done to me


C             Dsus2             Em
Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
C          Dsus2           Em
I'll never know if loves a lie.. being..
C        Dsus2       Em
crazy in paradise is easy
C              Dsus2           C   Am
do you see the prisoners in my eye

[Verse 2]

Em                           Dsus2
Where is the love to shelter me?
C                        Dsus2
Give me love, love, love come set me free
Em                           Dsus2     
where's the love.. to shelter me
C                      Dsus2
only love, love, love, love set me free
set me free


Em Dsus2 Am Em


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