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The Horror
The Horror

A# B Ab A# - Ab B C# A#

A#         B                       A#
There's a red worm crawling in my head
A#      B                         A#    
Cut in half worm, in my blood he lies red
    E                Eb
And I see him in my head
  E               Eb
Alive, inside my head

A#                 B            A#
It's my nightmare, oh it's my dream
A#                B              A#
He's inside here silencing my screams
  E         Eb
Alone on a razor's edge
  E                   Eb
Alone sliding on the razor's edge

A#       B        D  B  Ab A#
Kneel before the horror x2

A#  C        C#           Eb        
I'm, I'm the horror on the edge
     A# C        C#               Eb
Cause I, I'm the worm that cometh I am him
A#         C         C#            Eb
I am hell, I am god, I'm the devil all in one
    A#                  C
The eyes that hide the face inside
       C#          Eb
Come stare into my eyes

A killer's listening to horrors in my head
He's bleeding, sliding on the razor's edge
Through my eyes he watches me
He lies inside watching me
There's a red noise deep inside my head
An obscure noise and the smell of slow death
It all surrounds me
Closing in on me

I am god, obscene death
I'm the worm on razor's edge
All pigs die Kill, Fuck die
I am hell, godless me
I am pagan idolatry
Kneel before the horror x2
Fuck me, kill me, drink my blood x2
All pigs die, kill, Fuck, die
Kill, Fuck, die x3

Pre & Chorus

single notes
Eb F F# Ab F# F F# F C# Eb 
Eb F F# Ab F# F F# F Ab A#

Eb F F# Ab F# F F# F
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