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The Flame
The Flame

notes: E E F# G


Give me a ticket on a jet airplane
I'm a-gonna take it
I live my life in the fast lane,
the only way to make it
And I keep on going all night long
Cos that's the way I like it
And with what you got in
the heat of the night
I know we got to try it

E           B    G    E
Until the flame burns out
Until the flame burns out

So turn it up, your radio,
Everybody shake it
I'm a hundred degrees, with wild fantasies
And I need someone to make it
Show me a place where love is sweet
I ain't gonna fake it
And hey little girl if you want my love
Then now's the time to take it

Before the flame burns out x4

Turn up the flame your hips are fire
You're so hot I got to try ya
Show me the spot and I'll hit the mark
Baby I got the gasoline and
                  C B A
you got the sparks

Before the flame burns out x2
Until the flame burns out x2

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