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Rebel In The Fdg
Rebel In The F.D.G.

F Ab A#

I live my life like a shot in the wind
If tomorrow don't come I know
    Ab                       A#
I stole my share of fun for me
Cause I'm too fast, too rad
I'm going wasted when I go
     Ab                       A#
The cost of freedom's never free
          Ab                A#
It's the deep six, it's my fix
         F                         Ab              A#
It's my best friend, cause it's my way or the highway
 high F                       Eb
I'll tell you it's the living end

I'm a rebel in the FDG
                Ab             A#
And I say only God in heaven knows
I'm a bad child, come and love me
           Ab  A# 
And I say, oh yeah

If you're fast you might last
Slow you gotta go
A wild one in the decadent zoo
Ooh, I lick up all my seven deadly sins
Cause I'm too hot, too cool
Oh I've been playing in the fire of fools
I might burn but I'll burn in the wind
It's the deep six, it's my fix
It's the big jam, cause it's my way or the highway
I'll tell you what I am


F                         Eb
Oh I, I feel the heat and I, I touch the flesh and bone
And I feel the kiss of fire
Too fast to live, too fast to die
C#                       Eb                 F
Mom and daddy say, "I'm dancing in the fire"

solo F Ab A#
hold F

F            Ab          A#           F
Sometimes I feel like an animal in a cage
Ab               A#   F
I pace back and forth and look around
                  Ab      A#       F
For something to sink my teeth into
     Ab      A#                          F
But nobody knows what's going on inside me

Chorus --> G
solo G Ab C

G Ab C F Eb (notes: A# A G) G 
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