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G	Cadd9	D	G 	-2x’s

G			Cadd9
You stand outside the circle lonely
D		G
Here in darkness’ eyes
Are the lives realized all the same
Or are they magic of mind
Ooh, if I leave
Will I be here again
Ooh, what remains
Is evermore in the wind

(G Cadd9 D    Dsus7  / G  Cadd9  D    Dsus9    D    D    Dsus7     D)

Do the shadows of my memory
From a long ago time
Lead a path to the other lives of me
Souls of past great divides
Ooh, give me wings
Will I be here again
Ooh, it’s embrace
In the arms of the wind

G C D			G	C	     D
	Ooh, evermore winds of change will I be here again
	Ooh….	 will I rise on my wings evermore in the wind
	Ooh….	 am I ever the same will I come back again
	Ooh….	 give me wings for my change 
	Em	C	       D
	Oh will I come back again
	Ever free in the end
	Ooh, will I be here again
	Into the arms of the wind

		Em			G
		And only those who stand within
		Can hold the keys that let us in
		But if the magic in us dies 
		Ooh, then the souls within us cries

Beyond the wall of tears we wander
Evermore in the wind
Beyond the wall of tears we wonder
Will I be here again 
The magic of the circle lies
Somewhere between the dark and light
The magic circle never dies


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