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Rat Race
UK SUBS " Rat race 

Intro : E  C D 

E                          C D 
Do what you want 
E                                 C D 
And don't give a damn 
E                                 C D 
There's a price to pay 
E                                            G                          
And you keep on paying and paying and paying 
And it never ends 
A                       B               E     G A 
You pay in the end, my friend 

You drown yourself 
In a barrel of beer 
But when you pull out 
The pressure pressure pressure 
Yes it's dragging you down 
And it just hangs around 
It's a rat race baby, faceless face 
                      A                               B                              x2 
But if you're dying of hunger, you get in the race 

Walk the streets 
For some place you know 
Knock on the door 
But you already know the answer 
Before they tell you no 

E                      C            D 
Rat race baby, faceless face..... [repeat to end]
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