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Lunch In A Sack
Band: US Bombs
Song: Lunch in a Sack
Album: Back at the Laundromat
Tabber: [email protected]

Chorus 1:
G   D C        D G   D 
Crash, Rats in a Trap
C      D   G  D C             G
"Hyper Me" back, Won't let me crash

Verse 1:
G         D   C            D
Clean off yer T.V. screens, 
G                  D C         D
Wipe the film that nobody sees
Em G/F#      G      A
Eyeball that phoney smirk cuz 
C                    D
we've got to ring it out!

Chorus 2:
G   D C       D  G    D C 
Crash, I'm gonna crash
   Em      G/F#         G      A
So tell me kid too much is not enough! 
      C               D
Gotta get 'em off the rack

Chorus Lead:

Verse 2:
G              C
Rocket sex and drugs to Roll
     G                 C
It's sterilized, ya got fads to mold
G                C
Penelized a wild manimal
Hey! it's just like they said
   G                    C
No money's left for the mind game
  G                            C
A vice that grips, still we're outta the way
G                  C
Disect all those rejects, go ahead
    G                   C
And burn 'em all in the cage!


                        (Bridge starts here)

         Em    G/F#    G   A
"Hyper Me" back to the resource,
C           D
Back to the crash..

Verse 3:
    G               D   C        D
I'm judgin you, and yer judgin me
G               D    C         D
Underneath it's gone seperates
G                   D       C                 D
The cause won't die till we turn in our graves
    G            D   C                  D
The trap is set! Yer gonna eat the seeds

Outro Chorus:
G   D C      D   G    D C
Crash! a ****in' trap, 
         D G    D C
Lunch in a sack!     x3

That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me:
                        [email protected]
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