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Drugs Are Good Chords
Drugs are good chords
Written and preformed by:NOFX

  Played 4 times as shown

   P.M.        P.M.        P.M.        P.M.

                              exit into verse...
  A,    B, C,...A, C, G, F
  p.m.          p.m.

  A,    B, C, G

Ver 1
   A                    C                        Gp.m.       F
   Want to fuck up      drop out      never trust a fuckin hippie

   A      B        C                  G
          for that matter don't trust anyone

   A                        C                         Gp.m.     F
   want to quit school      don't work    livin by the music of punk

   A      B        C              G---------------
          if I can do it so could anyone

   F     G   A                    C                 G           F
   Drugs are good       they give feelings that you know ya not should

                A             G                 F----------------------
   and when you do 'em people think that you're cool (x2)

Ver 2    played the same

want to join a... get a tattoo... just sing attitude...

self de- struction... blah blah.. beat up everyone...

 played the same F,G,A so on and so forth.

   Drugs are neat    and you can by 'em realativily cheap
   and when ya do 'em people think that you're cool (x2)

                      ebida-ebida-eba-that's all fucks!
                      I think its pretty fuckin close!

     Catch me at [email protected] tell me what ya think  ...
                                                                . . .
                                                               . ... .
                                                               .. . ..
                                                                . .  .

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