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Sound The Bugle Chords
Bryan Adams- Sound the Bugle 
Capo on 2nd fret 
Enjoy! :)


Dm Am Bb F Dm C F Bb Dm C Dm

[Verse 1]

          Dm                      C                 Bb
             Sound the bugle now - play it just for me
Am                       Bb              C
  As the seasons change - remember how I used to be
                   F C              Dm   
  Now I can't go on - I can't even start
          Am             Bb            C
I've got nothing left - just an empty heart

       F         Bb           F                Dm
I'm a soldier - wounded so I must give up the fight
                 C       Dm             C
There's nothing more for me - lead me away...
Or leave me lying here...Dm Am Bb F Bb F

[Verse 2]

Dm                  C
Sound the bugle now - tell them I don't care
               Am                 Bb          C
There's not a road I know - that leads to anywhere
         F         Bb                F            Dm
Without a light I fear that I will stumble in the dark
           C        Dm            C
Lay right down - decide not to go on


              F               Bb         C
Then from on high - somewhere in the distance
           F                   Bb            C
There's a voice that calls, "Remember who you are"


        Dm        Bb           Am              F
If you lose yourself - your courage soon will follow
        Dm             C                 F      Bb
So be strong tonight - remember who you are
C               Dm     Bb     F       C    Dm
Yeah you're a soldier now - fighting in a battle
       Bb        C
To be free once more - yeah, that's worth fighting for
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About the artist behind Sound The Bugle Chords:

Bryan Adams OC, OBC,[1] (born Bryan Guy Adams on November 5, 1959)[2][3][4] is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, musician and photographer. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, 18 til I Die, and Waking Up the Neighbours. Adams has been nominated three times for Academy Awards for his songwriting in films.[5]

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