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Evening Tab

  Dm7              C7               Bb7           A7          A7addG           D9          C9 

e|---5----|    e|---3----|    e|---1----|    e|---0----|    e|---3----|    e|---5---|    e|---3----|
B|---6----|    B|---5----|    B|---3----|    B|---2----|    B|---2----|    B|---5---|    B|---3----|
G|---5----|    G|---3----|    G|---1----|    G|---0----|    G|---0----|    G|---5---|    G|---3----|
D|---7----|    D|---5----|    D|---3----|    D|---2----|    D|---2----|    D|---4---|    D|---2----|
A|---5----|    A|---3----|    A|---1----|    A|---0----|    A|---0----|    A|---5---|    A|---3----|
E|---X----|    E|---X----|    E|---X----|    E|---x----|    E|---x----|    E|---x---|    E|---x----|

  E7             A#9
e|---0----|    e|---1----|
B|---3----|    B|---1----|
G|---1----|    G|---1----|
D|---0----|    D|---0----|
A|---2----|    A|---1----|
E|---0----|    E|---x----|


G|----7----5--------------------------------------------|  x2 (and repeating throughout 
after the verses start


Dm7      C7   Bb7       A7        A7addG       Dm     C7
Eeeeeeevenin',    every night you come and you find me

    Bb7                    A7  A7addG     Dm    C7
 Oh, Lord   And you always come and remind me  Oh Yes....

          Bb7   A7    Dm7              C7              Bb7       A7
That my gal is gone, my baby's gone, O Lord       my baby's gone

Dm7      C7    Bb7                A7     A7addG  Dm7    C7
Eeeeeeevenin', can't you see I'm deeply in your power

   Bb7          A7          A7addG   Dm7          C7      Bb7   A7    Dm7 C7 Bb7 A7 A7addG
Oh Lord   Every minute seems like an hour  Oh Lord     since my gal is gone, my baby's gone


D9            D9              D9             D9      D9                         
Shadows fall   upon the wall   That's when I need your kiss most of all   

             C9                A#9          E7
And though I try, how can I go on?

  Purty baby


Dm7      C7   Bb7       A7        A7addG     Dm7     C7   Bb7
Eeeeeeevenin' let me sleep till gray dawn is breakin'  Oh yes

        A7     A7addG    Dm7    C7  Bb7   A7  A7addG
I don't care if I don't awaken, oh Lord, Lord


(Spice it up!!)




| b  Bend

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