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99 Luftballons Chords
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To: [email protected]
Subject: 99 Luftballons by Nena

Hi folks, what's going on?
You really smashed me with requests for this song.
(Most of them came from the states. Un-be-lie-vable!)
So it seems to be of common interest?
But be warned: the chordprogression ist very simple and
               played again and again and again and again...
         (Very soon, you will be bored, I think.)
Here we go:

     Nena:  99 Luftballons
{Text: Carlo Karges}          {Musik: Joern-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Pertersen}
 | - indicates one quarter beat in the timing of 4/4
 / - indicates one quarter beat in the timing of 2/4
--    E         F#m       A          B7         B6/9

 0|-|-|-|   |0|-|-|  0|-|-|-|    |-|0|-|    |-|0|----------------------|
 0|-|-|-|   |0|-|-|   |-|0|-|   0|-|-|-|    |-|0|----------------------|
  |0|-|-|   |0|-|-|   |-|0|-|    |-|0|-|    |0|-|----------------------|
  |-|0|-|   |0|-|0|   |-|0|-|    |0|-|-|    |0|-|----------------------|
  |-|0|-|   |0|-|0|  0|-|-|-|    |-|0|-|    |-|0|----------------------|
 0|-|-|-|   |0|-|-|  0|-|-|-|   x|-|-|-|   x|-|-|----------------------|
 E                 F#m                    A               B7
 |          |      |          |           |       |       |          |
Hast du   et-was  Zeit fuer mich,  dann  singe  ich ein  Lied fuer dich von
  E                 F#m                   A               B7
  |          |      |          |          |       |       |          |
neun-und-neunzig  Luft - bal-lons  auf   ihrem  Weg zum  Ho - ri-  zont.
  E                    F#m                A               B7
  |          |          |       |         |       |       |           |
Denkst Du viel-leicht grad an mich, dann singe  ich ein Lied  fuer dich von
  E                F#m                    A               B7
  |          |     |          |           /        /      |       |     |  |
 neun-und-neunzig  Luft - bal-lons  und   dass so-was von so-was

 {For the solo:     B7        E
                    |||| |||| |||| ||||   (2 x 8 Bars)  }
 {And now it's again the E-F#m-A-B7-Progression as shown above.}

 E                F#m             A               B7
 Neunundneunzig   Luftballons auf ihrem Weg zum   Horizont hielt
man fuer Ufos    aus dem All,    darum schickte  ein General 'ne
Fliegerstaffel   hinterher   A - larm zu geben,  wenn's so waer da-
bei war'n da am  Horizont nur    neunundneuzig   Luftballons
  |       |       |         wegen neunundneunzig Luftballons
 E                 F#m                A               B7
Neunundneunzig    Duesenjaeger       jeder war ein   grosser
Krieger  hielten sich fuer Captain Kirk das   gab ein grosses
Feuerwerk. Die  Nachbarn haben    nichts gerafft und fuehlten sich
gleich angemacht, dabei
 schoss man  am    Horizont auf       neunundneunzig Luftballons.

 {Now there comes a part of the solo again. I couln't interpret
the repetion statement and I don't have a recording of the song, so
it  may be:  8 x E, or 4 x E, or 8 x B7 followed by 8 x E playing
along the solo.}

 E                 F#m                 A                B7
 Neunundneunzig    Kriegsminister,     Streichholz und
Benzinkanister  hielten sich fuer schlaue Leute,      witterten
schon  fette Beute,  riefen: Krieg und wollten Macht,      man, wer
haette  das gedacht,  dass es einmal    so weit kommt wegen
neunundneunzig   Lufballons  |        |        |             wegen
neunundneunzig   Luftballons   Neunundneunzig    Jahre Krieg
  liessen keinen   Platz fuer Sieger  Kriegsminister    gibt's
nicht mehr   und auch keinen  Duesenflieger  Heute zieh' ich
meine Runden,       sah' die Welt in Truemmer liegen  E
     F#m                 A                B6/9  hab 'nen Luft -
ballon gefunden,    denk an dich und lass ihn fliegen.  E
                                            ****  |||| ||||
                                {NOTE: A new chord!!!}
Sylvio Tabor
[email protected]

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About the artist behind 99 Luftballons Chords:

Nena Daconte Is a Spanish pop group. Its members include the singer from Madrid, Mai Meneses, and the musician from Barcelona, Kim Fanlo. The band takes its name from a character in the short story "The Trail Of Your Blood On The Snow", by Gabriel García Márquez.

Mai Meneses first found fame in 2002 when she entered the second series of the Spanish reality TV show Operación Triunfo. However, in the first week, she was put up for eviction against the overall winner, Ainhoa, and was voted out. This is also her third musical project since being evicted. In 2002, she released a single called Vuelve, and in 2003, she featured on Inma Serrano's single, Mi Amor.

The duo met on the Operación Triunfo tour, where Fanlo was the tour guitarist, and started working together, playing in clubs around Barcelona and Madrid. In 2005 they released their debut album He Perdido Los Zapatos under their own label Daconte Music. The next year Universal Music signed them and re-released the album with a bonus track.

In 2006, they were nominated for an MTV Europe Music Awards.

Their music is a mix of classical pop and rock, and it talks about worries such as love, loneliness and a search for ideals.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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