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Last To Know Tab
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Song title:     Last To Know
Album:          Seven Worlds Collide / One Nil

Words and Music by Neil Finn and Wendy Melvoin
Copyright  2001 EMI Records Limited

Tabbed by Paul Hammond ([email protected])

Note: I prefer the live version of this song, as heard on the album
      Seven Worlds Collide, to the the better-known studio version,
      so this transcription combines elements of both.

h - hammer on, p - pull off, s - slide

 D            A7sus4       Em7          Gadd9

 D            A7sus4       Em7          G


D                A7sus4                  Em7
I'm way down the track, I made the wrong turn,

finished up where I started

D               A7sus4
You noticed the change come over me

Em7                  G               D
fell in love with my own reflection, yeah

            A7sus4                Em7
How does it feel beneath your own wheel,

             G               F#m
feel like an accident waking up

        G           A7sus4         A7
under a bus with my fingers crossed

F#m        G             A7sus4    A7
Now is the time we could make it up

So you lost the fear, it wasn't that bad
left to your own devices, yeah
Still a young girl, eyes on the clock
tick like a motor running out
Magnets and words up on the fridge
speak to the poet in all of us

F#m               G             A7sus4       A7
well I missed the page that you thought about,

F#m             G            A7sus4
you drew in the frost on the window pane

    D    Gadd6 A7sus4
And who  I     wonder

      D    Gadd6  A7sus4
could fail to     notice

    D Gadd6 A7sus4
the aching  silence

     Bm   F#   G*  Em
come down?

           Bm   F#   G*  Em
I'm humble now       Yeeeeaaaah

I hope you might come back
in your own time
left to your own devices

And so that's how it goes,
never the first, always the last to know

D               x00232
A7sus4          x02030
Em7             022030
Gadd9           3x0233
G               320022
F#m             244222
A7              x02020
Gadd6           xx0030
Bm              x24432
F#              244322
G*              x55433
Em              022000

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About the artist behind Last To Know Tab:

Neil Mullane Finn OBE (born May 27, 1958, in Te Awamutu, New Zealand) is a singer and songwriter and one of New Zealand's foremost musicians. He is the frontman for Crowded House, and previously for Split Enz. He was born Cornelius Mullane Finn ("I was christened Cornelius, and dropped it at an early age thinking it was a bit corny," Finn told Australian television host Andrew Denton in 1995.)

Finn rose to prominence in the late 1970s after replacing singer songwriter Phil Judd in his brother Tim Finn's band Split Enz. With the group, Finn wrote the hits "One Step Ahead", "History Never Repeats", "I Got You" and "Message to My Girl", among others. Finn rose from prominence to international fame after Split Enz broke up in 1984 when he formed Crowded House with Split Enz's final drummer Paul Hester in 1985. The group achieved international success in 1987 when they released the single "Don't Dream It's Over" written by Finn. Finn ended Crowded House in 1996 to embark upon what was to become a moderately successful solo career, and has released two albums with his brother Tim under the title the Finn Brothers. In 2007, Finn reunited Crowded House and released a new album, Time on Earth, and the band began a world tour.

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