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Shoals Of Herring Chords
C  F C
C  F C
C  F C  G F

      C          F              C
O, it was a fine and a pleasant day
                Em      Am    F    G 
Out of Yarmouth harbour I was faring 
     Am        G            F
As a cabin boy on a sailing lugger 
       C               G                C
For to go and hunt the shoals of herring 

C                    F                  C
O, the work was hard and the hours were long
                  Em      Am        F      G
And the treatment sure it took some bearing 
          Am              G                  F
There was little kindness and the kicks were many 
      Dm             C               F
As we hunted for the shoals of herring
      C                 F       C
O, we fished the Swarth and the Broken Bank
                 Em    Am      F     G
I was a cook and I'd a quarter-sharing
      Am             C              F 
And I used to sleep, standing on my feet
        Dm              C         F 
And I'd dream about the shoals of herring 

F  Em-F

      C                     F               C
O, we left the home grounds in the month of June
             Em        Am       F     G 
And to canny Shiels we soon was bearing
       Am           C             F 
With a hundred cran of the silver darlings
          Dm             C         F 
That we'd taken from the shoals of herring 

C  G F
C  G F
Am C G F
C  G F

           C           F        C           
Now you're up on deck, you're a fisherman
                  Em     Am    F     G 
You can swear and show a manly bearing
          Am            C              F 
Take your turn on watch with the other fellows
             Dm                C         F 
While you're searching for the shoals of herring 

       Am                         G
In the stormy seas and the living gales 
        Dm                           F
Just to earn your daily bread you're daring 
         Am                         F
From the Dover Straits to the Faroe Islands 
                        G         F
As you're following the shoals of herring 

G F  G F

     C              F             C
O, I earned me keep and I paid my way 
                           F     G 
And I earned the gear that I was wearing
         Am             C                  F
Sailed a million miles, caught ten-million fishes
        Dm            C         F
We were sailing after shoals of herring

C  G F
Am G F
Am C G F
Am C G F

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