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Voices Echo Down Thee Halls Chords - Nana Grizol

Voices Echo Down Thee Halls Chords
Capo 3rd fret

C F C F C F G x2
C         F             C
   Voices echo down the halls
And we're leaning against walls
C               F                      G
How long do you suppose 'till this one falls?

C               F                   C
  We could just stand right here and smile
That'll only entertain us for a short while
C                      F                G
And were you seriously waiting for this call?

F G E F F Fm

C                  F                  
   Remember when I said I had to get away?
C                       F                
I was just looking for something to say
C             F                    G
Hope that explains why I could not stay

      C                  F
And I remember when you said you had to get away
C                     F
Well I sure hope that you do someday
C                  F              G
That is if it gets boring here anyway

           F                       G
And why is everything like that so concrete
                 E                       F
When that's the same stuff under your feet
F                                      G                   C
That connects where your standing to a place you'd rather be

       F                   G
I left home being quite discrete
                 E                      F
That I could use someone in the passenger seat
    F            G                C
But none would I expect to follow me

C            F              C
   Party all night, nervous tic
              F                    C
Try out new accents maybe one will stick
                   F               G
Crack knuckles and put yourself to bed

C                    F                         C
   Sleep through the morning, deafly turn off alarms
              F                         C
Hey, it's the summer Hey, it's no harm
                    F                      G
And why wait to get enough sleep 'til your dead

F            G                E
Eleven hour drive Midwest again
Same mixtape nine times, maybe ten
F             G                     C
Entertaining thoughts that's like a legacy

may never end, oh

F          G               E
Until the new one does begin
             F                     F       
And will you break or will you bend
           G                  C  F C
I hope you make a few new friends

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