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Nightlights Ii Chords
The chords are played like this during the verse and then go back to normal during the chorus
   A          B
E|---|     E|---|
B|---|     B|---|
G|-2-|     G|-4-|   
D|-2-|     D|-4-|
A|-4-|     A|-6-|
E|-5-|     E|-7-|

E                    A      E
  The shy and lonely hunter 
                      A    E
who stalks across my chest 
says “I’m only seeking glory,” yeah, 
    B           A                         
but glory never gives you any 
E                           A
rest: me to your body in an arm chair, 
E                          A
wrest: me to the corner of your bed, 
E                                  A
rest: we in the place we share our tenderness, 
     B                  A             E
it’s there I’ll rest my head another night, 
lights at the end of the hallway 
E                                 A
will lead you to the back of the bar 
      E              A
where cloudy headed, late for bed, 
    B                  A
you wonder where those fleeting families 
E                                 A
are: you, living somewhere on the west coast 
E                            A
are: you, just a figment of my mind 
E                             A
aren’t you the one who always told me 
           B           A
“boy, it’s easier with time” to be the 

E                  A
saddest sound in a lullaby 
F#m                   B
speck of sand in your daddy’s eye 
G#                   C#m
broke my heart to so much as try 
to live the life that lay before me 
E                       A
so you step tender when you don’t run 
F#m                 B
so you surrender to everyone 
G#                   C#m
so you remember the place you’ve come to 
But don’t forget the world adores you,

E                   A     E
  said “I am but my body: 
                  A      E
heart and shaking skin.” 
How ever will you find a safe place where 
B                     A                     E
(you never let anyone into the space where) you 
keep all your timid questions, like 
       E                             A
“can I kiss you one more time before I go?” 
E                                  A
though I know the world is full of hopeless suggestions 
     B                        A
it’s us who get caught in the undertow, don’t you know 

E                 A
we were born on a moving train, 
F#m                 B
we took form in the pouring rain, 
G#                    C#m
we try hard, but come short of explaining 
that lives are for living and hearts are for changing yeah. 
E                      A
Forget, an instant, to stay the same! 
F#m                  B
Not us nor mountains go as they came! 
G#                       C#m
All these things we’ll refuse to be framed in 
     B                                           E
From what we’ve been given to what’s rearranging yeah.

E F#m G#m A E

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