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Smokey The Bear Chords
Smokey the Bear by Steve Nolan and Jack Rollins

With a Ranger's hat and shovel and a pair of dungarees you will
                 Am           D7               G7
find him in the forest always sniffin' at the breeze. People
C              C7              F             D7
stop and pay attention when he tells 'em to beware, 'cause
C          Am                 D7      G7      C
everybody knows that he's the fire-preventin' bear.

F                C                F              C  
Smokey the Bear, Smokey the Bear. Prowlin' and a Growlin' and a
D7            G7   C             C7      F                 D7
Sniffin' the air. He can find a fire before it starts to flame
       C                  Am               D7     G7      C
That's why they call him Smokey, that was how he got his name.

Verse 2:
You can take a tip from Smokey that there's nothing like a tree, cause 
                          Am                   D7           G7
they're good for kids to climb in and they're beautiful to see. You just
 C             C7                   F               D7       C       
have to look around you and you'll find it's not a joke. To see what you'd
     Am            D7       G7     C
be missing if they all went up in smoke


Verse 3:
You can camp upon his doorstep and he'll make you feel at home, you can run
              Am         D7              G7            C 
and hunt and ramble anywhere you care to roam. He will let you steal his
  C7        F                  D7         C                   Am     
honey and pretend he's not so smart. But don't you harm his trees cause he's
  D7      G7     C
a ranger in his heart.


Verse 4:
If you ever seen the forest when a fire is running wild, and you love the
         Am              D7               G7              C           
things within it like a mother loves her child, then you know why Smokey 
 C7                F                 D7        C                 Am     
tells you when he sees you passing through, "Remember please be careful,
          D7         G7      C
it's the least that you can do."

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