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Castle Of Dromore Chords
A                                  D      E     A
   October winds lament around the castle of Dromore

    F#m             E     A        D        E     A
Yet peace is in its lofty halls, a phais-de ban a stor
       F#m    E         D         A            E           A 
Though Autumn leaves may droop and die a bud of Spring are you
        D         E        A                 D         E        A
Singing hushabye, lo, lai, lo lo, lan, sing hushabye, lo, lai, lay

Bring no ill wind to hinder us, my helpless babe and me
Dread spirit of Blackwater banks, Clan Eoin’s wild banshee
And Holy Mary pitying, in heaven for grace doth sue
Singing hushabye, lo, lai, lo, lo, lan, sing hushabye, lo, lai, lay

Take time to thrive my Rose of hope, in the garden of Dromore
Take head young eagle till your wings are weathered fit to soar
A little time and then our land is full of things to do
Singing hushabye, lo, lai, lo lo, lan, sing hushabye, lo, lai, lay

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