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Dragon Age Inquisition - Companions Chords - Misc Computer Games

Dragon Age Inquisition - Companions Chords
Dragon Age: Inquisition--Companions
One of the new tavern songs from the Trespasser DLC of Dragon Age: Inquisition.
For some reason Cole wasn't given a verse so I wrote him one. Sorry if it's awkward, I'm not a song writer :)
Feel free to make any corrections or improvements!

No capo

A                    E
By the side of the Divine
Cassandra seeks the truth and finds
Her whirring blade cuts so sublime
A     D       E        A
Royal hearts, Nevarran minds

A                         E
Varric charms with clever words
Vender of exotic goods
Writer of salacious books
A          D          E      A
A rogue, a dwarf with ragged looks

A                       E
Solas, mysterious elven mage
Mastered magic by his own hand
Not a Dalish or a city elf
A       D         E      A
Skeptic born into lovely land

A                       E
Cole, a spirit of compassion
A helpful and loyal companion
Strange and distant though he may seem
      A           D             E          A
He'll make you forget that it's not just a dream

A                       E
Dorian rebelled against countrymen
A mage from the Tevinter Imperium
Charming and suave and just slightly suspect
A             D     E       A
These are the early days we defend

F#m          D          A
And then the later ones came to the fade
     F#m      D         A
Like Sera who stayed to tempt their fate
F#m        D        A           
But we all know she was but a rogue
    Bm                     E
The taverns still sing her name

F#m          D         A
Blackwall, a secretive Grey Warden
F#m          D       A
Proud of his life in isolation
F#m          D          A
Bruising and strong, protector of all
  Bm                    E
Recruiting the brave to join the cause

F#m         D       A
Iron Bull's loyal indulgent one
  F#m            D        A
A past brilliant agent of those who run
    F#m             D   A
The Bull's Chargers now stay in his sight
       Bm                      E
But he still finds the time to roar through the night

F#m         D       A
Vivienne, Madame De Fer
   F#m         D            A
Respect of the mages throughout the world
F#m         D          A
Ruthless to fight by Inquisitor's side
  Bm                 E
Defying expectations only to rise

C#m                          F#    
Then there's of course our revered ever more

       B          E       G#m      F#              
Like Commander Cullen who lead his men 
            E      F#
Through the Inquisition
  B          E          G#m             F#   
A Templar, a knight, he stayed with the fight 
E     F#  B
Stout and bright

   B          E        G#m         F#
Or Sister Nightingale, spymistress veiled
   E          F#
In beauty and bow
  B      E          G#m        F#
Orlesian bard, both tender and hard
E     F#  B
Brave and bold

B          E          G#m    F#
Josephine, noble with bright acumen
     E                  F#
With grace and charm in hand
  B        E      G#m         F#
Ambassador to the wealthy and shrewd
    E    F#          B
And dear through the land

      E        F#     B
The Inquisitor surely stands
  E              F#       B
Because of these souls we sang

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