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The Aristocats - The Aristocats Chords - Misc Cartoons

The Aristocats - The Aristocats Chords
Which pet's address
              C#dim7   Dm7  G7
Is the finest in     Paris?
Which pets possess
    Dm7     G7  C
The longest pedigree?
Which pets get
   C7              F
To sleep on velvet mats?
  F#dim7 C/G   Dm7  G7   C     G7
Naturellement! The Aristocats!

Which pets are blessed
                 C#dim7    Dm7 C7
With the fairest forms and fa--ces?
Which pets know best
        Dm7    G7     C
All the gentle social graces?
Which pets live
   C7               F
On cream and loving fats?
  F#dim7 C/G   Dm7  G7   C
Naturellement! The Aristocats!

They show aristocratic bearing
When they're seen
Upon an airing
And aristocratic flair
In what they do
    G7        C
And what they say!
Aristocats are never found
In alleyways or hanging around
The garbage cans where
               Dm7           G7
Common kitties play, oh no!

Which pets are known
         C#dim7     Dm7    G7
To never show their claws?
Which pets are prone
   Dm7    G7  C
To hardly any flaws?
To which pets
       C7               F
Do the others tip their hats?
F F#dim7 C/G
F F#dim7 C
F F#dim7 C/G
Dm7  G7   C
The Aristocats! 
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