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Moon Pride Chords
Moon Pride
       Bb         F            C          F            
I will become the wind that is under your wings

Dm                            Gm   
Now as the tears wash away my sadness
          C                       F
And in my eyes passion burns with fire
           Dm                     Gm              
And with a force as strong as the lightning  
            C                 F    A                             
My heart is asking me what is true love
          Gm                     C                                                      
No matter where we are, (even if darkness falls) 
            F      Bb    
we’re never really alone (I’m with you now)
     Em     E   A              
Here in the Moonlight

Dm             Bb             
Even when I've lost my way 
       C                      F    A  
I will always hold my head up proudly
           Bb                     F                              
I’ll never want the prince on his horse to come and rescue me
Gm                       A
We will always fight and stand on our own

Shiny Make-Up
C           F       Bb            C                       
I’ll be the one who shines in the sky 
     F          A  
with all of the stars
Bb                        C        F                                           
We are not those helpless girls anymore 
      Bb     C          F            A    
that needed protection from all our fears

So now Shiny Make-Up
D           G      C            D                    
I’ll be the one to fight for us all; 
   G           B7
protecting the stars
G                          D      G             
Now’s the time a brand new legend begins 
    C           D       G          E  
foretold by the heavens from long ago
      F      G               A   B7          
La La Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
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