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Crossing Fields Chords
Because I found it hard tabbing to the Japanese Lyrics, I decided to do Amanda Lee's adaptation in English
of the 1st theme song from Sword Art Online, Crossing Fields.

Capo 3
Bm          F#m           Bm           F#m
I was never right for the hero type of role 
I admit it 
G       A     Bm           F#m
With my heart shivering in fear
      Bm             F#m            Bm 
I can see today's reflected in each past tear 

G    A
Even so 
F#m         Bm          E7      E 
It has been calling the heavens to me
But I cannot hide
All the emptiness inside
   G        A
My fleeting heart 

Once in my dreams 
I rose and soared 
No matter how I'm knocked around 
Or beaten down 
  G          A     F#
I will stand up, restored 

All of my love
Has yet to wake
I know your strength is what I lack 
You've got my back 
G             A        F#
And know that I've got yours 

I have you to thank 
    G        A      F#m 
For lighting up the dark 

Because you're here with me 
    G           A
Our dreams will soar free 
F#m    (1 2, 1 2, 1)

         Bm     A       G 
(I wanna always be with you
F#m         Bm    A     G  
I wanna hold you tight right now
F#m          Bm      A       G               
I swear that I'll be who you choose
F#m           Bm   A       G                                       
I'll give you everything I have)

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