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Prinsipal Chords
by Missing Filemon

Intro: Am-Bm-C-D Am|Bm|C|D

Verse 1:
         G       Em            Am
Prinsipal gusto ko nga mag-artista
      D             G
Gikapuy na ko'g eskwela
        Em            Am   D
way allowance, hagu pa

        G         Em            Am
Manimpad kining pobre sa Maynila
        D            G
Magpa-cute sa taga-Viva
       Em           Am    D
basig ma discover pa

Refrain 1:
      C     Cm            G
Anad na ako mag-inartista
 C       Cm         Am       Bm   
Sa balay magpakaaron-ingnon nga busog
       C          D Am|Bm|C|D
bisag wa nay kusog

Verse 2: (do verse 1 chords)
Prinsipal pwede kong magkontrabida
Kining dagway kog postura
angayang mangulata

Ayaw lang, ayaw'g saba'ng mama'g papa
Ako s'la nga isorpresa
musikat ko'g aduna

Refrain 2: (do refrain 1 chords)
Anad na ako mag-inartista
Sa balay magpakaaron-ingnon nga tigas
bisag wa nay bugas

Bridge: Em
         Eb/Bm       D          C#/Am              Em
Mga pangandoy nga nagpatagad sa ulong ko nga labad
        Eb/Gm        D/G        C#/Am
Dili ma himo ta kung di makalupad
          Am       Bm       C           D Am|Bm|C|D
aron-ingnon nga tigas bisag wa nay bugas

Adlib (do verse 1 chords)

Refrain 3:
      C      Cm         G
Anad na ako mag-inartista
      C      Cm         Am        Bm
sa balay magpaka-aron-ingnon nga tigas
      C          G
bisag wa nay bugas
(Do Am-Bm-C-D on each line)
ingnon nga busog bisag wa nay kusog
ingnon nga maro bisag ma'y' pang iro
ingnon nga bagsik bisag di' katuhik
la lala lala lalala lalala
   Am     Bm     C      D       G
la lala lala lalala lalala lalala

ang hirap kapain!!!jowk lang...

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About the artist behind Prinsipal Chords:

Missing Filemon is a Cebuano rock band. They have the distinction of being the first Cebuano band to ever produce an album consisting entirely of rock songs in Cebuano.

Missing Filemon was formed in 2002 with Jeb Dorothy Estel on guitars and vocals, Arni Aclao (of The Ire) on bass, and Eimer Tabasa on drums. Gumer Entero of Happy Days and Ritz Ariba of Frank sits in for the band in some sessions.

Their first CD album which was self-titled was released in November 2002. It was released under the Cebuano outfit Independent Culture Records and was produced by Ian Zafra of Shiela and the Insects. Budoy Marabiles and Sandy Chiongbian appear in the album.

After the release of their first album, they disappeared from the Cebuano music scene (although there was no official statement that they have disbanded). They returned in early 2005 and took in Cocoy Hermoso of Beverage for guitars and Ron Capio of Curious Blossoms for bass. (Aclao left Missing Filemon and reunited with his old band The Ire.)

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