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Ravenskill Chords
C11              Am11 Am9

[Verse 1]

Morning breaks beyond the night
And she's worlds away
C/G11                                                       Em9
Through crowded streets, this quiet hooded stranger makes her way
Please excuse me
Sir, can you help me?
Em                    A
Where can I find this man?
Cm                  Ebm
Sorry, can't speak, someone is waiting
Bb          C#/E
Yes, I understand

C11            Am11

[Verse 2]

G           F#
As her will starts to fade
    Em          D/A
And all but disappears
G             F#                        Em
Like a ghost, suddenly a boy is standing there
And all is clear
C                Eb                   Em
I'm your friend, trust me and don't be scared
     Cm/Eb                          G/D
I am looking for your father, and I promise I can help
    F#/C#            F/C     Dm/C    Em
Now take my hand, we haven't time to spare 
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