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Golden Years Tab
This riff repeats for the whole song


    A5  Am  G5 G  F5 F   F5 G5 A5 Am G5 G  F5 F   F5 G5 A5

A5                         Am
It's the warmth when it's cold and it's storming,
  G5                     G
It's drifting off to the sound of rain,
  F5                      F
It's getting up kicking goals in the morning,
                            F5         G5
It's lifting off from the ground with your flame,
 A5                 Am
It's the strength with stand life lessons,
  G5                    G
It's the clock as the hands strike seconds,
  F5                  F                                  F5    G5
It's my movie where every memory is a colour I collect to expand my spectrum.


A5 577xxx
Am x77555
G5 355xxx
G  x55433
F5 133xxx
F  x33211
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