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Bite My Tongue Chords
Bite My Tongue by You Me At Six feat. Oli Sykes
This is an awesome song and I have not seen any good tabs for this so I decided to give it a shot.
Em                     D      G
 I hate to break it to you but
Em                    D   G
 You're just a lonely star
C                   Am
 I try to bring you down but
C              D      Am
 A level isn't good enough
Em                          D   G
 You always do as you please, so
Em                       D
 I'm going to follow suit
 And take a seat
C                    Am
 And watch you fall apart
 'Cause in the end
 Am              D
 What are you without me?
Em                         D         G
 I slow this down 'cause I know that you can't keep up
Em                 D     G
 Oh maybe I, maybe I was wrong from the start
C                         Am
 I might be proud, but at least I'm proud of something
C                      Am       D
 You've taken pride in becoming nothing
Em                 D         G
  You keep me on the edge of my seat
Em                   D             G
 I bite my tongue so you don't hear me
C                   Am
 I wanna hate every part of you with me
C                 D        Am
 I can't hate the ones who made me
Em                       D G
 I'm married to the music
     Em               D G
 For better or for worse
C                    Am
 You say that I am privileged but
C                D  Am
 My gift is my curse
Em                      D    G
 I can't recall the last time
 Em                        D G
 Someone asked me how I was
 Last I checked I was a fucking wreck
 I called for help and no one showed up
 I sit in the dirt
         Em                     D G     
 Just forget what you've learned
         Em                   D G
 Just forget what you've heard
     C                   Am
 The truth just confirmed
         C                            D Am
 I can't bare the sight of you anymore
          Em               D G
 You've become what I hate
          Em                    D G
 Sold yourself for a bit of fame
              C                          Am
 Now that the wolves have closed the door
                C                D Am
 You wanna drag me down some more
      Em  D G Em  D G
 Fuck you
 Fuck you
Note: On the last chorus, you should play it normally except strike an Em chord right after the 
Am; just to end the song.
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