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Madrid Chords
Yellowcard - Madrid
Lift a Sail
2014 Razor & Tie Direct L.L.C.

Fm                    Gm
Take me home, take me home
Fm               Eb
I am lost in the world
Ab                Gm
All I know, all I know
Fm                 Eb
Is that I miss you more
Fm                 Ab
It was cold on the street
And my heart skipped a beat
When you said you’d be mine
Gm                 Ab
Now i fear i might freeze
So I’m asking you please 
Would you let me inside

Eb Bb        Cm
Oh you never change
Ab              Bb
So that’s why I stay
Eb Bb         Cm
Oh I’ll never go
Ab               Bb
So you won’t be alone

Fm                       Gm
Which way now, which way now
Fm                 Eb
Is this road gonna end?
        Ab           Gm
Tell me how, tell me how
Fm             Eb
I am wondering again

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About the artist behind Madrid Chords:

Yellowcard is an alternative rock multi-platinum selling band from Jacksonville, Florida. Their music features a rare contribution to the genre, incorporating the use of a violin.

The band is not currently active and is on a self-described "indefinite hiatus."

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