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The Invisible Boy Chords
                         The  Invisible Boy - Wasp
Tabbed by: Stephen 

Main Riff x4

Verse (play main riff 2x behind)
Fm                     Ab           Fm           Eb
I was the boy unwanted, a prisoner I'm born to them
My brother was the one, that couldn't do no wrong
    Ab                    Fm       Eb
And I was there dying in the shadow of him

Red, crimson red, 
Db       Eb
am I the invisible boy?
Feel the strap, cross my back
Db                Eb
Am I the new whipping boy?

Fm              Ab                    Eb
Who am I - the orphan son you would never need?
Fm              Ab                     Eb 
Who am I - cause I'm the boy only the mirror sees
Fm             Ab                     Eb
Who am I - the slave you gave just the air I breathe?
Fm              Ab                     Eb
Who am I - cause I'm the boy only the mirror sees

Main Riff 2x

Fm                           Ab     Fm     Eb
Oh I got the same old reruns, horror movies in my head
And I can't rest, they scare me to death
Ab               Fm                Eb
But if I'm not alive, how can I be dead?

Pre Chorus


Oh, why me?
Why him
Can you tell me?
It's confession again
Fm              Ab
Come talk to me, I see in your eyes
Bb          Ab
Titanic misery, ashamed that you're alive
I'm the face that you see
When the face isn't yours
Bb                 Ab
I'm the mirror my boy

Play main riff behind solo

main riff 2x


Main riff out
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