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Sun Is Shining Chords
Just some fine tuning tweaks :) Enjoy!

The Sun Is Shining

A            A7
Yesterday I found
           Em                D
That everything I knew was wrong
A             A7
It was upside down
              Em               D
The life I thought I had was gone

Dm                          A
But You came and whispered love to me
         Dm                        E
And You gave me strength to carry on

A      E             Bm       D
Oh,      the sun is shining
A      E              Bm       D
Oh,      A new day's dawning
The sun is shining

A            A7
Yesterday I lost
             Em         D
Everything I had and loved
A                          A7
Then I cried out for You, Lord
         Em                 D
And You came and picked me up

Dm                      A
And the sorrow lasted through the night
         Dm                E
But the joy came with the morn

A      E            Bm     D
Oh,     the sun is shining

There is hope for me again
A      E           Bm      D
Oh,     A new day is dawning

The sun is

I will lift my voice
No, I won't be silent
For You heard my cry
And You turned my mourning into dancing
And so forever I'll sing

A      E            Bm     D
Oh,      the sun is shining

There is hope for me again
A      E             Bm       D
Oh,      a new day's dawning

Yeah, the sun is shining

A E Bm D


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About the artist behind Sun Is Shining Chords:

Third Day is a CCM band formed in Marietta, Georgia during the 1990s. The band was founded by lead singer Mac Powell and guitarist Mark Lee. The other band members are Tai Anderson (bass), and David Carr (drums). The band's name is a reference to the biblical account of Jesus rising from the dead on the third day following his crucifixion.

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