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Rasputin Chords
Boney M ? Rasputin
Tabbed by Adam Campbell
[email protected] - let me know if you have additions or comments

I?ve looked for this one for awhile, so decided to do it myself.
I know the lyrics, the licks and the leads, just need to tab them out.
Give me some time and I?ll do it too. Enjoy.


B	A	G	F#
B	A	G	F#
Bm	F#m
Bm	F#m

Bm	Em	F#	Bm
Bm	Em	F#	Bm

Intro Verse

Bm	Em	F#	Bm
Bm	Em	F#	Bm

Bm	Em	F#	Bm	Em	F#

Bass decent -  B  A  G  F#   x2

Verse 1 again


B	D	E	B	A	E	B	x2

Verse 2



B    C#m
F#   A	B
B    C#m	F#	A

B	F  X4

B	Em	F#	B
B	Em	F#	B

Verse 3


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About the artist behind Rasputin Chords:

Boney M. is a pop and disco group masterminded by West German record producer Frank Farian. The four original members of the band were Liz Mitchell, Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams and Bobby Farrell.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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