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Sick In The Head Chords
Sick in the Head - The Lumineers
Tabbed by: G-Sauce

Standard, capo 7

chords used:

     C  F  G  Am  B
e |-(3)-0--3-(3)-(3)
B |--1--1--0--1---1
G |--0--2--0--2---0
D |--2--3--0--2--(0)
A |--3--3--2--0---2
E |--x--x--3--x---x

These riffs can be used by a second guitar to add a little something to the song.
If you're playing on your own, they're not necessary, but if you have the skill
level to incorporate the into the chords, it makes the song sound more complete, 
but it can be tricky.

Riff 1 - plays throughout whole song except last two lines where riff two is played
e |-------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------|
G |-------------------------------------|
D |--2-2-3----0-0-2------------2--------|
A |-------------------0-0-2-------------|
E |-------------------------------------|

Riff 2 - plays during the last two lines before the fade out 'i will not live life 
underneath it all...let's just make this count a lot in here'
e |-------------------------------------|
B |-------------------------------------|
G |--0----------------------------------|
D |----3-2----------------------2---0---|
A |---------0-2-3-----------2-3---3---3-|
E |---------------3-1---1-3-------------|

The first two verses have chords changes that happen when no lyrics are sung.
Listen to the song for timing.

Intro - C

    People say I'm no good
G C    
    Write me off, oh yes they should
Am B                                   C    
    Fuck 'em they're just sick in the head

    They're writing my history
G C                             Am  B  
    Think somebody should've asked me
Everyone was safe in their beds
Their beds And I said

C       F           G         C
I won't live, won't live like them
A    B                       C
Everyone, they're all seeing red

C       F
I don't know
          G          C        A       B
If it's alright with you, but I'll be gone
A ghost will be here in my stead, my stead
And I said

Bridge (Riff 2 plays during these two lines)

F      C    G     Am    G      F
I can't live life underneath it all
Am   B      C     G       C
Everyone is older now and gone

F      C   G   Am    G     F
I will not be here forever dear
Am           B         C       G      C
So let's just make this count a lot in here

C F G C Am B C x4 or fade out

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