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Would You Believe Chords
Would You Believe

C              D
Don't laugh in my face
F             C   
You're making me feel small
I'm all rags wrapped in lace
F                     C   
Compared with you I'm nothing

C           D            F         C   
Would you believe I'm in love with you?
C           D            F                C    
Would you believe I'm in love and I can't help myself?

I once tried to touch you
But I could never reach your height
You're way above me
It seems so useless somehow


D						     C
Wandering around with this maddening obsession you have over me
     D				     C
Just wandering around, oblivious to everything that's going on
D						    C
One thought in my mind keeps pounding through my brain

I've got to make you see how I love you
My life is yours, I live for you and I can't help myself


Would you believe I'm in love with you?
Would you believe I'm in love?...

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