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Step Inside Chords
Step Inside

D  A         D  A
Side, step inside

D               G           D                   A
You can knock on my door anytime you're passing by
          D           G              D
You don't need an invitation, step inside
                   G                D          A
We'll have tea and crumpets toasted by the fireside
          D           G              D
You don't need an invitation, step inside

A                            G                D                   
Step inside my doorway, there's no admission fee at all
A                                   G            A                   
If you're in the neighborhood, you only have to call

I'll be glad to see you, it just cannot be denied
It's been a long time since I held you, step inside

G       D
Don't tell your mother about me
       A                       D
She'll only get angry knowing you've come back
         G                     D
What her heart can't see can't hurt her
So take my hand and step inside, take my hand and step inside

If it gets too late, I have a bed that you can use
You don't need an invitation, 
       D             G                D            G             D
If you feel the inclination, you just call on speculation step inside

D# Bb        D# Bb       
Side, step inside
        D# Bb       
Step inside...

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